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The faithful of two western Ukraine parishes refuse to join the “Kiev Patriachate”

The Orthodox parishioners of the village of Moshkov and Peremilovka in the Rovno province of western Ukraine declined the invitation to join the “Kiev Patriarchate”, reports the Orthodox Life website, citing the Information department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

On April 22, 2018, a meeting took place in the villages at which the members discussed the problem of “jurisdiction change” in communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Despite aggression aimed at them by the schismatics of the “Kiev Patriarchate” who are pressuring them to change jurisdictions, the villagers did not support that initiative.

According to dean of the Mlinovsky region Archpriest Vasily Ivanenko, the day before the meeting a survey was taken in the villages that showed conclusively that the majority of the villagers preferred to remain in the canonical Church. “In Moshkov, only 5% clearly supported the ‘UOC KP’, and in Peremilovka the votes were split 70% in favor of the UOC, 15% abstaining, and 15% in favor of the “Kiev Patriarchate”, the priest related. The survey visited 80% of the houses in the villages.

On the evening of April 22 in Mezhiritsky the miracle-working icon of the “Life-Giving” Mother of God was brought to the village of Moshkov. The icon was brought by Vicar Bishop Pimen of Rovno, a diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and met by priests and several dozen parishioners, joined by others along the way.

In the church an Akathist was served to the Mother of God, at which everyone present prayed for the speedy end of enmity and strife in the village and peace in Ukraine. Bishop Pimen called upon all to stand for the faith of their fathers and to be true Christians, who, in the apostle’s words, will be known by their love.

April 26, 2018