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About projects


1. We have prepared a special project, a website for downloading Orthodox eBooks. This site was made to the memory of the priest Daniel Sysoev, who was killed in November 20th, 2009. The site also contains other Orthodox e-books and audio recordings. The task of the project is to give all the faithful who wish to enlighten in the Spirit of Truth with quality spiritual food in the form of books and media files. The site is adapted for mobile devices … The site is adapted for mobile devices, very easy to use, registration is not required, payment is available by all widely used payment systems. E-books are available in PDF formats (Cover, navigation through the table of contents, layout identical to a paper edition), EPub (Cover, navigation through the table of contents, the ability to change the background, font size and type). In the near future we plan to add several more formats for each e-book. DanielSysoev.com

2. The informational website of Rev. Daniel Sysoev Missionary Center Benevolent fund was our first project. It contains with many othrodox missionary content such as media files, texts, explanation of Holy Scriptures, news of orthodox live and missionary information, world mission news and activities and much other interesting things Mission-center.com