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The Theodorovskaya icon of the Mother of God 103.219


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Item type: Icon
Product description: Miniature relief Casting Gilding Niello Hot plique-a-jour Handwork
Metal type: Silver 925, Gold plated 999
Brand: Akimov Jewerly
Average weight: 6.00 gramm
Sizes: 3,4 * 1,2 * 0,3 mm
The small icon is a copy of the Theodorovskaya icon of the Most-Holy Mother of God kept in Kostroma. It is Russian greatest object of worship, the oldest one that is extant now among the wonder working icons, according to the legend. Old Russian tales narrate that already in 11th century the icon had stayed in the chapel of Gorodetz on Volga riverside. When in 1238 Gorodetz was destroyed by Batu-khan army the icon vanished and the year after on August 29\16 appeared again in a forest near Kostroma. Basil, the Prince of Kostroma found it on a tree when hunting. He tried to take the icon in his hands but it evaded. Then Kostroma priests wended their way to the forest with cross procession and brought it to the town in a stately manner. Residents of Kostroma recollected that the day before they saw the icon being carried by an armoured warrior looking like St. Theodore Stratelates, the Great Martyr. Therefore the new-found sacred object was put into the cathedral named after him. Since then the icon had been apparently named Theodorovsckaya.

The first known wonder was worked by the icon during the Tartars incursion to Kostroma. The army of the Prince of Kostroma took the field against them, the image being brought ahead. All of a sudden the image irradiated extraordinary powerful bright rays. That dazzling light stopped Tartars and stampeded them.

There were many other wonders made by the Most-Holy Mother of God through her Theodorovsckaya icon but it became famous most of all after  on March 27\14, 1613 with this image the great eldress Martha blessed her son Michael to reign, the youth becoming the first tsar of the Romanovs dynasty on Russian throne. Since then the Theodorovsckaya icon has been especially hallowed by all members of tsar family.  Many Russian tsarinas and princesses, being foreigners by birth and conversed to Orthodoxy, got their patronymics in honor of the Theodorovsckaya icon.

Not only nationally significant events are related to the image. The icon has made and is still making many wonders grassroots as well. In this image of Hers the Mother of God is hallowed as the patroness of family well-being; of happy event for childless couples. She also assists in difficult delivery, and lends an especially attentive ear to motherly prayer. “O Mother of God, rescue thy servants of misfortunes”, is written on the small icon reverse.

The Theodorovskaya icon of the Most-Holy Mother of God is kept in St. Anastasia Cathedral of the Theophany in Kostroma. Two solemn festivals are established in honor of the wonder working image: August 29 (stilo novo) – in remembrance of the icon miraculous appearance in 1239; and March 27 ― in remembrance of electing and proclaiming Michael Romanov the tsar.

Production style:
Miniature relief
Hot plique-a-jour
Size: 3,4 * 1,2 * 0,3 mm
Average weight: 6.00 gramm
This product exists in different colors.