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St. Catherine, Great Martyr. Guardian Angel 102.107


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Item type: Icon
Product description: Miniature relief Casting Gilding Niello Handwork
Metal type: Silver 925, Gold plated 999
Brand: Akimov Jewerly
Average weight: 5.00 mm
Sizes: 2,5 * 1,7 * 0,2 mm

A small locket with the icon of St. Catherine, Great Martyr on the obverse, and an image of Guardian Angel on the reverse is round-shaped. Circle is the symbol of eternity, of Heaven and of God, the sign of God praised saints abiding with Him in eternity at Heaven.

Great martyr Catherine lived in Alexandria in 4th century.  She was descended from wealthy princely family and was notable for remarkable beauty and mind. By her eighteen Catherine spoke several languages and knew much about many sciences. The parents tried to persuade her to marry, but proud beauty repeated that she would marry only the man who excelled her in appearance, mind and wealth.

Then her mother, a clandestine Christian took her to advise with the secluded monk. The elder told the girl that he knows a wonderful Youth who has no equal in the whole world. He gave her an icon of the Most Holy Mother of God with the Baby and ordered to pray throughout the night in order to see her Bridegroom. Catherine prayed for a very long time and fell asleep fatigued. The Mother of God with Christ appeared before her in dream. But the Lord kept averting His face, and she could not see it. Again the girl went to the elder who this time told her about Christianity and baptized her. When she again prayed at night Christ again appeared before her, gave a wonderful ring and said that He chose her His bride and asked to keep their union unbreakable. Waking up the girl saw the ring on her finger, and since then had been able to think only of Jesus Christ.

Soon the emperor Maximin came to Alexandria. During his solemn sacrifice to the gods Catherine spoke a sermon urging him to adopt Christianity. The emperor was fascinated by her beauty and suggested holding a public contest in faith with his philosophers. Catherine arguments were so cogent, the belief being so ardent, that not only philosophers came to the Gospel, but many of the audience as well. Angered Maximin ordered philosophers to be burnt, and Catherine to be beaten severely and famished. But a dove started to fly and feed the holy martyr. The Lord appeared to heal her wounds and predicted that through her patience many would be saved for futurity.

Seeing Catherine safe and sound Maximin ordered to destroy her body on special wheels. But divine Angel flew down from the sky and broke the devilish implement. At the sight of messenger of God many glorified Christ, including the empress Augusta. And then infuriated emperor ordered to decapitate Catherine. Immediately after the death her body was elevated by the angel to Mount Sinai. 200 years after the head and left (ringed) hand of the great martyr were in miraculous way gained by monks and since then had been in the monastery on Sinai, which was consecrated in her honor. It is quite a special monastery: it has been built around the Burning Bush where God appeared before Moses.

The holy zealot is commemorated on December 7 (November 24).

Production style:
Miniature relief
Size: 2,5 * 1,7 * 0,2 mm
Average weight: 5.00 mm