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Another World


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Autors: Priest Daniel Sysoev
Publishing: Daniel Sysoev Inc.
ISBN: 978-5-4279-0071-6
Approved for publication by the Publications Board of the Russian Orthodox Church: 11-116-1697
Number of pages: 128
Format: Hard cover, 115x165mm


Explanation of psalms 109, 116, and 145. This book examines the issues of the laws of the spiritual world, the mission of Christ, praise of God and His eternal glory, conciliarity of the Church, the mafi a of this world, the truth of Orthodoxy, and how to treat the imprisoned and refugees.

“The Psalter is suitable for any good work. If you wish to learn the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, the Psalter will impart them to you. All dogma is contained in the Psalter.”

Saint Basil the Great

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Another World
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